Saturday, September 10, 2011

What's Penny Wearing? #52 Vintage Toni Todd

Today Penny is modeling another of my favorite vintage dresses.
I have had this lovely salmon-colored frock for so long that I can't even recall where I bought it!
It has the side zipper:

Thank you, Toni Todd.


Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Adorable frock! Adorable Penny! Sure wish I had her for my store! What a perfect display piece. I HATE manikins!! She doesn't have a sister by any chance does she? *G*

RetroRocketGal said...

I love that!

farmlady said...

What a shame that we don't wear more dresses. I think they are so pretty and they are one of the things that separates the women from the men. Ha!

This is a lovely dress. Someone took great care of it. It looks brand new.

Heidi Ann said...

Miss Penny Lane does (sort of) have a sister - but they're very close, and cannot live apart.

Tina Dawn said...

Beautiful color, lovely pictures. I tried to post yesterday but my computer was on strike I guess. Keep looking Vickie and you will find your "Penny". I did, at a garage sale. Love T