Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Thrift Finds

Let me start off today by saying that I think some of our readers may believe that everything I buy, I keep. That wouldn't even be physically possible for me! Many of my finds are destined for the shop. (And please do feel free to inquire if you see something you are interested in. The worst that can happen is that I say it's not for sale - or maybe already sold would be worse!)
First up, an assortment of wooden candle holders. The blue ones are from Sweden:

Gorgeous floral sheets, and a sweet little vintage book featuring real (and adorable!) photos inside:

Italian wool paisley scarves, table runner with a great stitchery design, Frankoma boot, and a vintage apple plate:
Beautiful vintage bird postcards:
A pair of brass deer and a blue and white platter that matches another I found:
This gingham apron was in the free box, because it was a mess. I soaked it AND treated the hell out of the stains, and most of them came out:
After washing, pressing and starching it, it looks almost decent!
(At least, when the remaining stains are hidden from view!)


Tina Dawn said...

Great stuff! Love those brass deer, the postcards and the little book. Love T

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

GREAT finds Heidi Ann! And once again, arranged & photographed beautifully. I can only imagine how adorable your space looks & I really MUST get up there for a visit! I'm loving the deer too and the apron looks GREAT! For me, a fun part of being a picker is getting everything home & spending hours cleaning & polishing and bringing things back to beautiful. I even LOVE ironing a beautiful old piece and the challenge of a nasty stain? Oh yeah - I'll getcha, oh yes I WILL! Great finds!

Heidi Ann said...

Thanks Tina and Vickie. Yes, I do love it when I can get the stain(s) out of something I found. It's a great feeling to make something lovely again!