Sunday, June 3, 2018

More Signs From George Nathan

Today I wanted to share a few more great vintage George Nathan signs.
This one cracked me up:
 When I found this one, below, on eBay, I snapped it up, because the price was very low - it's  a large one, and it's one of my favorites:
 I found this next one at Mountain Treasures, where we have our booth:

 And I found this one at a thrift store:
I have seen a lot of them over the years, but I'd never come across this last one before, and I absolutely love it!


lorlore said...

I love them all!! They are great!!!!!

Diane said...

LOVE them! In all my thrifting, I've only found one!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog tonight while looking for vintage kitchens. What a great blog you ladies have! Very much enjoying all the colorful vintage clothing and accessories! The ads and patterns for vintage fashion bring me back to when I was a kid wandering around the Joann Fabrics while waiting for my mother to pick out things she needed for projects. I always loved flipping through the pattern racks looking at the well styled ladies on the pattern covers. Will have to look into Vera items. Is the Vera line related to Vera Bradley?

Melanie said...

Love these signs, and miss your blog posts!

Anonymous said...

Miss your posts ladies! Please come back! --Erik in NW Ohio