Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Bird Collection

I have been collecting these birds for many years. I really probably have too many! But that's how I roll. So here they are in all their colorful glory in my corner curio cabinet. Four shelves of them. They look more plentiful because the back of the cabinet is mirrored. But - there are quite a few. I hope they don't mind being so crowded together. I know they could be better appreciated if displayed on shelves or in a larger space, but I don't do my collections in a small way. I fall in love with something, and I get a little carried away.

Some are marked, but a lot of them are not. I have Royal Copley, Brad Keeler, Clay Sketches, Maddux of California, Czechoslovakian, etc.

I was so happy when we got the cabinet to keep them in. So now they accumulate their dust inside the cabinet, rather than out! Oh, well.


Mitzi - Vintage Goodness said...

WOW! I am sooo jealous, they are all gorgeous. I think they are probably happy in their cabinet, birds like flocks! hehe Thanks for sharing!

Tina Dawn said...

They are so lovely in their bright "feathers'of rainbow colors! Can you imagine if they could all sing what a joyful noise they would make? Love T

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh my goodness gracious! You have an aviary here, Heidi! At least hey don't make messes, huh!? I love all of your birds! They are fabulous! I see a few that I have, but my collection is by now means close to your wonderful one! LOL about having to have a bunch of something. Can so relate!


Mama Brook said...

I love your birds doll! You can never have too many - I must have close to a million poodles.

Mama Brook said...

Thank you for stopping by - I loved all of your pictures in your last couple posts! I wish I had any pictures of when I was younger!

Anonymous said...

TWEET!~~~What a great collection!~~~XXOO, Beth