Thursday, March 31, 2011

Betsey Johnson For Butterick - Part Three

It's all about The Betsey Girl, here in part three, the final installment of my posts about some of my favorite designs of the past by the fabulous Betsey Johnson. For these last two out of Seventeen magazine, I was unable to find an image depicting the actual patterns themselves, so I have only the clothing to share.

This is pattern #6533, shown above and below. I am completely in love with her shoes::

And pattern #6535:

All in cotton chintz:

(Added on 8/7/11) A reader was kind enough to comment and include a link to this image of pattern #6535, so I have added it below. If you are interested in this pattern, she is offering it for sale at, just click on the website name to see the listing.

And finally, I am sharing just a few more of her patterns. This one (6978) belongs to Lori - yes, she has had it all these many years. Love it! Can't you just imagine how cute that middle version would be in a sweet lightweight knit with a mini-floral design?

I shared this one in a previous post about aprons - pinafore, hat and bag:

The long and short of it, here in a style that ties in the back:

I very clearly remember tops similar to these designs being sold in the shops - in fact Lori had one that was quite similar in style. I loved them; I especially like that purple one:

Is this pattern with it's suit and separates adorable, or what??

If I still had the figure for them, I would be more than happy to wear many of these vintage styles still today. I want to congratulate Betsey for her longevity and success as a fashion designer and business woman. I adore her for her uniqueness and individuality, and I happen to think she is nothing short of fabulous.


Tina Dawn said...

I love them all!

lorlore said...

If I weren't a grandma now, I would make myself a dress from that pattern I still have, still love it!! Oh, maybe I will, what the heck! Heidi, my top was styled like the purple one, with long sleeves, the bodice was green, is that the one, loved it! Wish I still had it!! Loved those 70's years!!!

annimal said...

So dreamy!! I have yet to score an alley cat original, maybe I'll have to DIY with my vintage patterns of similar cut! But I'll take it to my seamstress as I'm very novice at sewing! Thanks for sharing!

yosemite faith said...

another good one - sorry this is part 3 of 3. i am sure betsey will bring forth another one someday.

Mary Beth said...

It was while researching Betsey Johnson patterns that I found your lovely three part series. I am so happy to find other people are still smitten. Last month I had a brainstorm about starting up dressmaking (I am a seamstress from forever ago). I am going to be making up some of B's garments as a jumping off point. I want to set up a booth at our weekly Farmer's Market. I might start a blog just so you all can tell me what you think!

Paper Dolls said...

My sister made the apron, bag and floppy hat and I think I helped embroider the flowers.... wish I had that pattern today.... I wonder if she does?? She made hers from cahmbray or lightweight denim. She looked very pretty in it!

Oldpatterns said...

Here is an image of Butterick 6535 Butterick 6535

Maria Bianchi said...

Just found this posting--I still have this issue of Seventeen magazine! It was the very first (or close to it) issue I ever bought back in 1971. I was only 10 at the time, but I LOVED everything about this and have been a Betsey Johnson fan ever since. Loved those Young Designer patterns from Butterick too and still have many of them. Really taught me to sew! Love this! Also, I so wish you could still find those floral cotton shoes. I used to buy them at Woolworths for about $2.95! They were the best.