Saturday, January 30, 2016

I'd Like An Electric Blanket Like They USED to Make - Is That Too Much To Ask??

I found this vintage advertisement for a NEW Simmons Electronic Blanket from 1946 in a magazine.
 With "the miracle of electronics", this was a blanket that would have given "you comfort and safety never know in a blanket before".
Well, I really like the sound of that.
 I want to wake up raring to go.
I want to wake up full of zest for the day.
(I don't sleep well so I'm not sure a blanket could help me with that - and yet, wouldn't it be nice if it could?)
I want fleecy luxury.
I want a blanket that can be easily hand-laundered (smirk).
You know, $39.50 was quite a lot back then.
But I would gladly pay that and more for an electric or electronic blanket again that is soft and nice.
Just NICE - you know?
Do your remember them? The way they used to be?
You see - I basically hate our electric blanket.
I'm not going to say the brand.
It's just weird. I hate the light on the control, it disturbs me, so I have to put it in a weird place so I can't see it at all. The lights on the old type of controls were dim and not obnoxious.
I hate the texture of the blanket. It isn't strong enough to tug on.
And it doesn't seem to want to stay pulled up to the point where I need my covers to be. I'm thinking there is no cotton in it, no natural fibers. It's sort of a stretchy velour type of stuff?
It is soft - but not in quite the way I like. And it's not as thick as the old type of blanket, either.
So I don't like anything about it, really - except that it's warm on a cold night. Sure, there's that.
Oh, and they are quite expensive, too.
If our old one still worked, we'd still be using it.
I don't know if anybody makes them like they used to be. We haven't seen any.
And it would be great if it was made in the good old U.S.A., too - while I'm at it.
Yes, so I'm picky.
And I'm a dreamer, I suppose.
Because I guess it probably IS too much to ask.
I'm done.


Diane said...

No, you're not picky. Products aren't made as well as they used to be in my opinion. And I agree about lights-- I cover the one on my TV at night. Why must everything light up or beep??

Tina Dawn said...

I was thinking: how nice to be able to wash it by hand, until I saw your smirk... I guess it would be rather heavy and awkward. I do not use an electric blanket, I sleep too warm already, but I completely agree with all that you have said about them. Cheap (yet expensive), nothing like they used to be. If I am going to have a blanket I want some heft to it. And I don't really like the feel of synthetic velour. Great post, but sorry you had to write it! Love T

Georgia Peachez said...

I agree that the blankets are not so great. I have an electric mattress cover, dual controls of course :-)

GSGreatEscaper said...

You know, I have a double sided fleece/artificial fur blanket (king size) and another fleece blanket on my (queen size) bed here in the frozen north. Both from TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Homegoods. Is it possible that given the warmth of the new fabrics, perhaps you could find a non-electric combination that would work? I too hate the lights - our building code requires CO2 and Fire alarms that have lights and blink, plus the TV, cable box, DH's tablet and phone, the jumbo size clock necessitated by our mutual nearsightedness mean that the room is never really dark.