Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lounge Chair Road Trip No. 11: A visit to Auburn, Placer County, California

Good morning, Tina here. It is a beautiful morning in Kelsey, and it isn't raining, so I thought it would be a good day for a lounge chair road trip to Auburn. It is about 2 1/2 miles to highway 193 and we can head north to Cool and hit highway 49 and follow it to Auburn. Then if we just go back in time a little...

The old firehouse above is a well known sight just off highway 80 as you drive by old town Auburn.
It is a lovely area. The Gold Country Girls used to always hit the Antique Street Faire in April and September and found lots of nice collectibles there.

The upper and newer section of Auburn still retains a lot of the old buildings.

I am especially fond of  "Bird's Eye Views". This one is from the high school, I believe looking north. I just love all the old homes. Auburn still has a lot of great older homes.

Auburn has one of the most beautiful old courthouses in California. It stands out, sitting on a hill above old town. This postcard shows the fountain which I believe is still there.

Above is the old Methodist Church. Heidi and I once went to a thrift store next door to an old church, but I don't think this is the one.

This is the view (a bit different now in 2016) from Highway 80 as you go past old Auburn. You can see how imposing the Courthouse is.

I am pretty sure the J. C. Penney building is still there, but other businesses are now inside.

Another of my Bird's Eye Views. It is interesting because it shows a few houses under construction. I have to share that I found this real photo post card on ebay for about $6.50. I just saw another copy for sale today for about $34.00. Glad I bought mine first, even if it does have a few problems on the edges.

There are a lot of train bridges in Auburn, at least if you compare it to Placerville. I had a good friend move to Auburn in the early 1960's and to get to their home you took a road off highway 49 which went under a small curved railroad bridge tunnel. I have never forgotten that bridge, it really made an impression on me.

A far "Bird's Eye" view of the Courthouse.

I am ending our road trip with this lovely picture of a water canal. What a beautiful spot to take a walk and maybe dangle a few toes in the water (don't tell!)


Heidi Ann said...

That was a fabulous arm chair road trip!
I'm not sure I have seen any of those before.
I am completely fascinated by all of the old historical postcards and photos you share.
This is one of my favorite ones ever!

lorlore said...

Such a nice roadtrip, thanks!!!

Sunnyana said...

Tina, I always enjoy your armchair trips even though most of the places you visit aren't familiar to me. This one is particularly of interest since my Grandma Harlow lived in Auburn for a short time as a young child in the early 1900's. I don't know much about her time there but I can't help picturing her in some of your older photos and I wonder if the Methodist Church you show is where she went to church since she was a Methodist. I also like bird's eye view photos. Thanks for sharing.