Thursday, April 12, 2018

Found: Colorful Vintage Afghans

I'll admit it - it's difficult for me to pass up a colorful vintage afghan!
Especially when it is extremely inexpensive, or, better yet - free.
That happened to be the case with the three you see here:
And besides, - they're warm....
And they're cozy...
 They're bright and pretty:

And I just plain LIKE them!


Diane said...

Love afghans! I have quite a lot made by relatives and myself. Use them all winter long-- my dogs like them too ;)

Tina Dawn said...

I love afghans also. My favorite is the one Aunt Lyn made me but of course I love them all. I tend to like the granny square ones the best I guess. Love T. You need to block the Indian Escort Lady unfortunately, I guess she is not a robot. Love T