Sunday, April 1, 2018

Then And Now # 108: See's Decorated Eggs For Easter

Here's wishing all of you a lovely Easter Sunday, and if you are very lucky, perhaps the Easter Bunny may have left you a beautifully decorated egg from See's Candies.
This advertisement from 1974 shows you what they looked like back "Then":
Yellow roses:
And pink roses:
And here's an example of one decorated with pink roses "Now":
The lovely picture above was part of an insert that came in our newspaper, along with a coupon.
 I wasn't able to make it to a See's Candies shop in order to use the coupon, unfortunately!
Have a wonderful day, everyone, - whether it includes chocolate, or not!

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Tina Dawn said...

Sorry I am so late but Happy Easter and I didn't get See's or Chocolate either but I had some nice salmon for dinner so I was happy. Love T