Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Then And Now #90 Brach's Candy For Autumn

It's all about Brach's fall candy today. We'll start with Candy Corn, as it was back "Then", in an advertisement from 1970:
And as it is "Now:
Secondly today - as you can see in the ad below, back in 1970, they called them Mellowcremes:
And "Now" they call it "Autumn Mix". I'm not sure if they still make the chocolate flavored brown cats, but I remember finding some of those a few year's back. If you see them anywhere, let me know, all right? The Autumn Mix I found has only the two different colors of Candy Corn and the pumpkins:
Sweet autumn yumminess.


Diane said...

I didn't realize the Autumn Mix had changed so much! And costs a lot more today too! Hmm...

Hope said...

I had forgottern about the cholcoate cats. Didn't they also have maple-flavoured shapes in there too?

Tina Dawn said...

Oh, some of my very, very best favorite candy in the whole wide world. I just saw them both at Ben Franklin's in Grass Valley and managed to not buy any and now I am really sorry I didn't. Yummy! Love T