Thursday, February 21, 2013

Then And Now #93 Campbell's Tomato Soup

A classic today for my latest "Then and Now" post: good old Campbell's Tomato Soup.

My first advertisement is from 1930 - notice the Campbell's Kids in these first three:


The next advertisement is from 1939 and this cute Campbell's Kid has a bushel of tomatoes:
Another Campbell's Kid, raking leaves from 1948, below:
Spaghetti sauces made with Campbell's Tomato Soup are featured in this ad dated 1960:
From 1965 - fix your family a "meat-za pizza"!
In 1970, you could send for a mug:

From 1973 - "Some Memories Give You A Nice Warm Feeling Inside":

This advertisement, below is my "Now" example - found inside my most recent issue of Family circle magazine. How cute is she?
And also "now" these Andy Warhol soup cans that Lori picked up last year for me at Target:
I had to have them! Coolest real soup cans ever. They're in my pantry right "Now":
One more for the "Now" segment; you might want to choose  this Campbell's Sun-Ripened Yellow Tomato Soup from your grocer's shelf, if you prefer:

Okay, so I think want to have some tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch today.
Sounds good, doesn't it?


Diane said...

I have one of those mugs from way back then! Guess my mom must have sent for it. It's held up very well!

Tina Dawn said...

I am very happy to see the sun ripened tomato soup. I will definitely try it. Great post. Love T

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! I grew up with Campbell's tomato soup. At lunchtime, Mom would call and we four litt'ns would run, run for sandwiches & Cambell's tomato soup. Or chicken noodle, a second Campbell's favorite.

I still think Heidi needs a TV show. 5 star for sure!

Anonymous said...

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