Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Finds

It's always nice to find things at the thrift stores for an upcoming holiday.
 I don't know anything about this cute little wooden duck with the pink cowboy hat, but he sure is cute.
And the green ceramic egg box was most likely made in a ceramics class:
These books are not necessarily Easter specific, but they LOOK like Easter to me:
Another ceramic egg box - perfect for holding yummy chocolate treats:
An unusual little ceramic bunny rabbit, also handmade, and a painted ceramic egg:
A set of egg cups. The lady at the thrift store asked me "Do you like sake?", and I politely answered no, while thinking to myself,
"Um, these are definitely egg cups, not sake cups, but whatever.":
The bottom half of this vintage paper egg box was missing, but this little guy painting his egg was too cute to leave behind.
 Just nestle it into some Easter grass, no one will ever know.....
There was only a small piece of this folded vintage Easter paper, but I love it:
I found my first pie bird, and decided I could pretend he was an Easter decoration, too - and I'm pretty sure he is singing about how gorgeous this painted ceramic egg is that is sitting next to him!
Oh - and I "found" this box sitting in on the living room table when I came home the other day:
We all know what's waiting inside of that!

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Tina Dawn said...

I think you need to put that pie bird to use! I will be looking forward to seeing him poking out of a fruit pie soon. Love your little vintage half-egg, adorable graphics. Love T