Thursday, September 24, 2015

First Day For Libra

Today is the day to change my calendar again.
Here's the gorgeous image for Libra:

If you happen to be a first-time visitor, this is from my 1970 Zodiac calendar from Determined Productions, with artwork by Bruce and Ann Butte.
I have had this calendar for 45 years.
Below, you can see what I came up with this "month" to decorate the hanger that holds my calendar:
And the entire Libra  Zodiac calendar page:
One more shot of this beauty:
Oh, I love this gypsy fortune-telling woman!
I want her necklace.
The colors on this page are fantastic.
Bruce and Ann Butte: Thank you for being such talented artists!


Rosie said...

Yay for Libras! Don't we just love all that color?? love, rosie

Tina Dawn said...

What beautiful green eyes you have, Miss Libra! Love your calendar! I will miss it when you are done with the year. Love T

Diane said...

Love it!