Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Susan Dey!

I'm a big Susan Dey fan. It began back in 1970, I would guess.
Her pictures in product print ads and modeling in magazines and catalogs were prolific, and I have to say I think I kind of fell in love with her face. I mean just look at her! Here, for Monet jewelry:

Dial Soap:

And I was delighted to see her on my TV screen in The Partridge Family - I already liked her. I just found this paperback about two weeks ago, and I had even bookmarked her pages in my old Seventeen Magazines, so a post devoted to her was born!

Here she is for Psssssst - I used that stuff occasionally back then:

For Jonathan Logan clothing:

And here, with Bonnie Lysohir (another favorite model at the time - don't worry - she will get her own post, too!) for Kodel Polyester:

And for Revlon Natural Wonder products, below. All of these advertisements are from 1970:
I found this "album" in a thrift store a while back, too. I wish there was a color picture of them on the cover!

And I just received this CD in the mail, a used purchase from Amazon. I decided I needed to add it to my Christmas CD collection. As if I didn't already have enough holiday music.

(Don't let my comments fool you. In reality, I believe that there is no such thing as too much Christmas music!)


Anonymous said...

I love the first ad with her! How adorable she is. Thanks for making me remember. I am anonymous because I am on Lori's computer and I can't figure out her mouse. Love T

yosemite faith said...

her eyes are amazing. and jonathan logan - i had some clothing from them. you know i agree with 'never enough christmas music'!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I have that Partridge Family album! Is your's autographed?! I had a huge crush on David Cassidy and I was always envious of Susan getting to work with him. I always admired her ads in magazines too. Twyla

jungle dream pagoda said...

omigosh!!! I have UNCUT Susan Dey paperdolls...found at an estae sale for nuthin'...will post perhaps in Jan or Feb!

Jennifer D said...

I totally agree, you can't have too much Christmas music.

Anonymous said...

I know I am behind here, but I just got to this post - I love her! Did you also watch "L.A. Law"? Love the ad for Dial - it's like, "hey you can be gypsy, but you dont have to smell like one!" Too funny.

Paul Duca said...

I had that very Partridge Family paperback. And were you aware it was Suaan's stepmother who got her to take modeling courses in the first place, to bring her out of her shell after the death of her mom?

crazycatlady said...

I have all my Albums from when I was a kid, The first album came with a book cover. I still have it too :)