Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great Old Bathrooms

I am being completely honest with you all when I tell you that I would truly love to spend some time in ANY of these great old bathrooms I am sharing with you today.
First we have this one, an advertisement for Chromite Tile from 1930:

And for Crane, 1930:

Another - this time for Standard - also from 1930:

Two more from Crane - both from 1931:

Gotta love these Church Seats, from 1931 - I know a pretty seat when I see one!

And from an advertisement for Armstrong flooring, 1939:
I'm ready for my long, leisurely soak in that corner tub.
Nice....very nice.


Zootsuitmama said...

Oh my, can you imagine wanting a new ugly (in my opinion) bathroom if you could have ANY of these?

Mick said...

I love the decorative tile over the corner tub in that last one! They are all great!

Hearts Turned said...

LOVE those gorgeous vintage bathrooms--why don't they make them like that anymore??? Love those illustrations--my favorite time period!

Hope your day is wonderful!


Tina Dawn said...
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Tina Dawn said...

I love the shower/bath in the last ad. It would fit perfectly into our masterbath and still leave some room. I also like how the shower curtains in a lot of the ads are pulled back to each side. It looks classy. Great post. Love T

SusieQT said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing those- I could spend a day an any of them!

farmlady said...

Oh, you always make me ache for an old house. The problem is that you can't reproduce these bathrooms and kitchens, now, without spending a large amount of money.
It's a shame because these baths are really beautiful.

yosemite faith said...

love those ads. since we live in an old farmhouse where the only bathroom before we moved in was once where they churned butter. planning on adding another bigger bathroom off the new bedroom addition did not go as planned. septic tank location made for a much smaller bedroom and bathroom addition. i always like having one larger bathroom but if that is my only complaint, i should just shut up ;)

Val said...

I just found your blog and love it. It's midnight and I've now been up since 5:20 a.m.--above comment deleted for exhaustion-related errors :)--so I will delve into it more tomorrow, but a hearty "yes!" to these bathrooms, hello and happy to meet you, and more soon. :) Love, Val ( http://myprettylittleroughpatches.blogspot.com/ )