Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pretty Papers

I seldom find vintage wrapping paper at the thrift shops. But, once in a while I get lucky.
These first two, below, were given to me by my friend Jamie - she saw them and knew I would like them - isn't she nice?

Love these next two in chartreuse:

Birthday Wishes and butterflies in flight on this next one:

I have only a small scrap of this one - sure do wish I had more, because it's GORGEOUS:

This is from one of the huge rolls that were left over from my husband's appliance store years ago:

Same with this one - found only recently up in the garage rafters where we found the vintage Christmas stuff:
I had to include one more - this sweet Christmas one. After I admired it on her blog, sweet Dee over at Dee Dee's Vintage Retro Delights sent me a sample! Aren't blog friends the best?

I'll always be on the lookout for more...


Barbara said...

I love, love, love the papers in the first photo. The one with the women in their raincoats could be a New Yorker cover - there's some real artistry there! Thanks for sharing them!

Tina Dawn said...

You are the best "wrapper" I know, and you deserve the best in wrapping papers. Here's to you finding many more. Love T

Lorlore said...

All the papers are beautiful!! Happy wrapping!!!

jamie@midcenturymania said...

They are all so cheerful. Thanks, I needed that today....Chuck just left for 5 days, it's gray and dismal outside, but the paper is very cheery. Think I'll just stare at it awhile and drink my coffee.

yosemite faith said...

i had wrapping paper back from my jr high days. finally got rid of it when i moved back to michigan. wish i would have known and you would have gotten it. if it was a favorite that had been used as wrapping i would save the scraps. i had boxes of it! lovely post. i am day dreaming right now about those lovely patterns on the papers.