Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Finds

On a visit to one of my local thrift shops, I discovered this adorable pair - dear Holt Howard angels, in perfect condition:

I believe they were waiting there specifically for me. I refuse to accept that they might be considered Christmas decorations only. Below you see them as they were incorporated into my Valentine's Day decor, and they'll be staying out all year:

I also found the items below: a gorgeous green planter, a cute little pair of bunnies, some LP's, another Vera scarf, vintage stitchery, and a floral plate.

And I got another Abingdon star vase, an hobnail milk glass vase, and a cross-stitched gingham card table cloth:

Lori found these cute little guys for 75% off after Christmas at a thrift store in Placerville and picked them up for me because she knew I would like them!

I bought a small wood cabinet:

It's the perfect size to house all of the albums I've been collecting:
That's it for today!


The Viewliner Limited said...

Cool stuff and a nice new look!

Protector of Vintage said...

Wow, you found a lot of neat treasures!!

Tina Dawn said...

Wow, I like our new look. Everything is so big! Great finds, your little angels are adorable. Love T

yosemite faith said...

i love cubbies and cabinets - you always are lucky in that area. i never am. nice new 'banner' or 'mast head' to you blog heidi. oh and i have yet to see or find a star vase. i have been intrigued with them ever since you first shared them in a past blog.

Zootsuitmama said...

Don't ya just love when that happens!
Great stuff!

Laura said...

What lovely finds! We love those angels and that cabinet!

Have a great week,
Laura and Michele