Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vintage images of a very Cool place in El Dorado County, California

Today I am going to share with you some vintage photos of Cool, California. Cool is about a fifteen to twenty minute drive from my home in Kelsey, on the Georgetown Divide. It sits above the junction of the middle and north forks of the American River, while we overlook the south fork.

There isn't a lot in Cool, a few restaurants, a gas station, a nice Holiday market, a handful of businesses, a couple of banks, a post office. For us, it is the last jumping off place from El Dorado County before you head north on Highways 49 and 193 towards Auburn.I recently purchased these photos on ebay. They are glass negatives, about 5 by 7 inches. The film is wrinkling and coming away at the edges of some of them. I do not know their age. A nice scene of a farm with snow on the ground. Cool does not receive a dusting of snow very often. Another snow view. An orchard. Possibly peaches. I have only had these negatives for a few days and have not had time to take a drive around Cool to see if I can figure out where these shots were taken. Do the homes still stand? Are the fruit trees still productive? Detective work is needed. A farm house and barn in the distance. Friday I am going to drive to Cool to meet a friend on the way to a small concert in Newcastle. I will be on the lookout for a familiar scene from these images.

If you have a nice day for a drive, head north out of Placerville towards Auburn on Highway 49, and check out the little town of Cool. It's cool!


Heidi Ann said...

I always love your glimpses into our county's past!
Those glass negatives are Super "Cool"!!

yosemite faith said...

can't wait to hear what you discover. thanks tina.