Sunday, February 27, 2011

Whitman's Chocolates

I have showed you some of my vintage candy boxes and tins before, but this Fairhill one from Whitman's is my favorite - so I thought I would feature it yet again:

And here is an advertisement for Whitman's Chocolates from 1939:

And my Loveliness tin. It's scratched up, but I love it just the same:
Isn't this Easter ad the cutest? "A Woman Never Forgets The Man Who Remembers".
Or - buy her a box for Mother's Day:
I don't recall which year Whitman's made this reproduction of their famous old Salmagundi box featuring the artwork of Alphonse Mucha, but I had to get one....
...even though what I really want is one of the old tins. (Tina has a couple of them. I am determined to win one on eBay one of these days!):
We received this box of dark chocolates for Christmas last year.
I didn't even know they had a sampler with dark chocolates!


Shara said...

My Dad surprised our famly with a two and a half pound Whitman's "sampler" for Valentine's day. The box is almost as big as our coffee table - I love it. It is a keeper! (And the chocolates are delsih! (And in the freezer...)

farmlady said...

A dark chocolate sampler.... that would be my choice. I will look for this one.
Every year, for as long as I can remember, I have given my sons a little box of Whitman's for Easter and Christmas. It's tradition. Even as grown men they still get a kick out of getting their "box of samples".

Unknown said...

awwww i loved those adverts, so full of romance and charm, and wasn't that lady beautiful, so wholesome. I have never seen those before or heard of Whitmans, do they still make them today? dee x

yosemite faith said...

not a big whitmans fan but i love some of those special boxes - i would have had to get them too. they are so cool.

★Carol★ said...

I grew up on Whitman's chocolates, and I had no idea that they made a strictly dark chocolate sampler. I think you just changed my life!

Tina Dawn said...

Oh yummy yum yum... Don't want to eat any because I am on Weight Watchers, but I can imagine. I like milk chocolate and carmel the best. I hate to disappoint you but I think I have sold all my salmagundi boxes. Now again I am hungry, you do this to me a lot! Love T