Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Every Woman's Home Cookbook, circa 1913

Sis Lori here:
I found this old cookbook recently and I love the colorful, old fashioned illustrations. It is also very informative.
"Every Woman's Home Cook Book, An Economical, Practical Guide for the Twentieth Century Housekeeper".
"Containing a most complete collection of the best culinary receipts with full instructions for successfully using them."

Cakes, etc.

Bread and rolls:

Ice creams and ice:


Candy making:

I am really impressed at all of the techniques and knowledge included within this vintage book.
For instance, in this baked bean recipe; it stresses using hot water throughout, 'cause cold water toughens beans. I did not know that. I wonder if Mom did, she loved a good baked bean recipe!

All in all, a great old recipe book to read through!


Tina Dawn said...

I've been wanting to make some baked beans, yes, we developed a love for them through Mother and also Betty... I think I will try this recipe in the crock pot. Maybe tomorrow! Would try today except out of beans and bacon, and it is too stormy out to drive to Georgetown to the store. (Good excuse?) Love T

Debbie V. said...

Lori, I love old cookbooks and homemaking books. It looks like this one would be interesting reading with her detailed instructions.

Stacey said...

That is a beautiful book! I wouldn't have guessed as early as 1913.

meghan said...

watch out with the baked good in those old books, since our flour and baking soda is really different. I learned the hard way making the worst birthday cake from some 1920s boot. simply awful.

yosemite faith said...

like this post alot