Friday, October 14, 2011

More Armstrong Floors

I wrote a post back in January of last year about Armstrong Floors. I love all of the great rooms featured in their advertisements over the years. I also just recently found a fabulous book from 1953 which shows quite possibly everything Armstrong had available back then. It is SO cool, and brings to mind the great "Linoloeum" book I wrote about back in this post.
So I found a few more ads, and I wanted to share them with you. Let's start with this one from 1954 - I'll take that yellow lamp and the super-cool barkcloth:

Excelon vinyl-asbestos Tile, here in this "sunken garden" living room made possible by opening up an old basement, circa 1955:

Spatter Linoleum in the living room below, from 1955. I happen to be a HUGE fan of Spatter Linoleum; I absolutely love the way it looks:

Here are some "Spatter" pictures from my book:

Here's family room with a floor of Mosaic Style Corlon, circa 1959:

In this room from 1959, you see the "fashionable glitter of metallic particles" in Excelon Tile:

This one is a downstairs playroom, with a floor of Montina Vinyl Corlon, from 1964:

More Montina Vinyl Corlon, from 1965 this time - "Inspiration: a Hawaiian Lanai":

Coronelle Vinyl Corlon, from 1966:

Another family room, this one with a vinyl floor from the Coronelle Collection, 1968:

This one is a game room with Rocosa Excelon Tile, from 1968:

And a couple of more pages from my fab book:

Makes me want to go to the nearest flooring store and check out what's available now!
(I could dream about great-looking vintage style flooring in my sleep- probably because our kitchen floor is in such DIRE need of replacement. No exaggeration - ask my sisters!)


Tina Dawn said...

Yes, you need a new kitchen floor and you need to do more than just dream. But I know how it is... hubby needs to make the first move. I hope he does it soon, so you can pick a lovely pattern and install it and spend your days admiring your new floor. I am dreaming for you too. Love T

yosemite faith said...

my parents had the pink spatter in the cottage up north.

Stacey said...

I love this post! The splatter pattern reminds me of the den we had when I was a kid. Also, I love the in-wall tv in the second picture.