Saturday, October 15, 2011

Leoni Meadows Field Trip, Part Three: Nature Center

I must admit that I do not often visit museums nor natural history centers, so I found the taxidermy birds and animals on display at the Leoni Meadows Nature Center very interesting. I wish I had taken more pictures, because the number of creatures they have is much more than you might expect at this off-the-beaten-path location. An owl and a kestrel:
A big buck:
This beautiful peacock:

Another owl:
A bobcat:
A hawk with his prey:
A fox:
A coyote howling at the moon:
And a black bear:
This painting on velvet, below, is on display at the center. I took a picture because it was probably the prettiest velvet painting I have ever seen. Looks like the sun's rays barely making their way through in the shadows of the redwoods. I have been in places like that. Gorgeous (better than my photo shows!)
I wish I had taken a picture of their bird display!
Maybe next time.


Tina Dawn said...

The birds' nest were my favorite, and the glow in the dark celestial room. It is a great place! Love T

Unknown said...

I love those owls!

It's weird seeing the animals so still, frozen, but amazing to be able to look at them up close.

yosemite faith said...

they had a glow in the dark celestial room!!!???!!! how cool.....