Friday, October 28, 2011

Pastels Were All The Rage

For a time in the 70's, all I wanted were clothes that were pink, blue, light purple, light green and yellow. I loved the combinations of those colors in a soft, pretty plaid. Plaid skirts with soft sweaters? Perfect!
I had a yellow angora sweater vest that I absolutely loved in high school. (Yes, that is Susan Dey again on the left, below. These fashion layouts and ads are from my Seventeen magazines - of course.)
Pastel sweaters and a vest in color blocks and stripes are featured in the ad below. Now, I admit, I do NOT care for those polyester pants. Nope, I liked my Levi's, and I had some aqua corduroy bell bottoms that I loved. I remember wearing them to school, and to Friday night football games. I had pink sweaters and aqua sweaters. Like I said - that was all I wanted to wear!

I wore this striped fuzzy acrylic sweater with those aqua cords! I found it packed away in a box, and it inspired me to write this post:

And here is a pink and blue pastel hooded sweater that I also somehow managed to hold onto for all of these years:

Here's hoping you have a cozy, colorful, pastel, plaid, striped, warm and fuzzy fall.


Jennifer D said...

You just brought back such fine memories of one of my favorite past outfits. It was pink cords,pastel of course and the top was pink and blue plaid with short sleeves that had a roll up cuff with little button tabs to hold the cuff up. Do you know what I am taking about? Oh and the best part of the shirt was the silver metallic thread running through the plaid. I have a replacement version that is rust and brown with gold thread in my closet right now but I will never forget that pastel pink and blue plaid shirt with matching cords. Sigh

yosemite faith said...

during my recent unpacking - i finally parted with outfits that i had held on to since the 70's. waiting 5 years to finish unpacking made it much easier to part with things. i am not sorry i moved them here but finally ready to say 'bye bye'. i did keep the pink dress my mom crocheted for me. also the black background based granny square skirt my mom crocheted for me also. i loved that skirt. my mom loved pastels - so i usually went with bright and dark colors. guess that was my for of rebellion.

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Jennifer - I DO know what you're talking about with the sleeves- and that sounds like an outfit I would have loved, too!
and Faith - I sure would love to see a picture of your pink crocheted dress and your granny square skirt!

Tina Dawn said...

I remember your pink sweater, I have always thought it was so pretty. Love T