Monday, October 31, 2011

A Halloween Card From Hallmark

While it's true that I do prefer vintage cards over new, sometimes I see a new card and simply cannot resist it. I'm also a huge fan of the Hallmark company, and when I saw this great Halloween card, I had to have it:
The black background is glittery. I decided that rather than sending it to a friend, I need to keep it to add to my decorations every year.

May only the best things cross your path today.
And have a Happy Halloween!


yosemite faith said...

i love hallmark also. great cat card!

Tina Dawn said...

Great Egyptian-looking cat! I will have to see if the black cat who lives on Dead Horse Road down the street will dare to cross my path todayyyyyy... Love T

Jill said...

That card is so great-- definitely has a cool vintage feel to it! Have a happy halloween!