Friday, June 12, 2015

A Few Bright And Colorful Finds

These "Smug Mugs" from Arnart in the Paradise pattern may well be my favorites out of all the vintage mugs I have found at thrift stores over the years:
I have never before found one of these plaques with hooks (for pot holders, or whatever) from Miller Studio in the original box!
The box has a couple of issues, but the wall plaque itself is pristine, and pretty cool:
I found this metal rack with daisy flower shakers at an estate sale. They aren't all in perfect condition, but I have never seen one like it before:
Below, you see two vintage candle holders from Hallmark (I see that the tops look flat in the photo, but they are not, they hold taper candles) and what I believe is a spice jar, minus the lid. They look great together, and in the background is a bright round tablecloth made of fabric that has sort of a splatter-paint pattern:
A sweet little Dutch couple on a small plaque meant to hold pot holders, I think:
This little ceramic flower power thing was probably a little trinket box that long ago lost it's lid:
This big vintage tin is my new favorite of all my vintage tins.
I seldom see them with colors as bright, and I love the abstract flowers:
And, last of all today is a vintage boxed Hallmark "Bridge Ensemble":

I am loving the rich colors of these paisley designs! 
And that's all I've got for today.
Just a few bright finds to wake you up this morning!


Tina Dawn said...

Love your mugs and flower tin, but want to buy your Dutch couple and bring them home with me! Love T

lorlore said...

Such colorful finds!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Diane said...

Very cool! Love the mugs and that tin. Wow, I've never seen a mod cookie tin before.

Anonymous said...

All such beautiful and bright finds. The mugs/cups are epic I love the colours.

Sunnyana said...

I love all the bright colors but my favorite is the Hallmark Bridge set. I remember Hallmark having other items with very similar designs. I don't know who the artist is but I have always liked that style and the bright colors. I also really like the floral tin.