Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day And Summer Is Officially Here

I found the cutest card at a thrift store recently with which to wish all those wonderful dads out there a happy Father's Day today!
"Sure want to make this strong enough, so here's a wish to say, Come on, forget the DAILY GRIND and have a perfect day!
How cute is that?
And since today also officially signals the start of summer, here's an old classic poem from Robert Louis Stevenson's "A Child's Garden Of Verses" -  this one specifically came from "A Big Golden Book" version, first published by Golden Press in 1951, and illustrated by the fabulous Alice and Martin Provensen.
 Bed In Summer:
So tell me, moms out there: what time to your children go to bed in summer?
When they would like so much to play, do they have to go to bed "by day"?
Just wondering.......
Here's hoping everybody has a wonderful summer, whether it's really hot where you are, or not!


Tina Dawn said...

Happy Father's Day and happy Summer to you to! Thanks for reminding me if that poem, I love it. Love T

GSGreatEscaper said...

I also love that poem. However, RLS's 'day time' bed going was inevitable because he grew up in Scotland where it stays light until 11 - 12 pm in the summer. I felt so badly for him as a child, when I hated being inside before it grew dark but the latest it gets dark here is about 8:30.

Diane said...

I have heard that poem before-- very nice. Cute Father's Day card too. All I've been hearing since school let out is, "Can I stay up as late as I want?"