Sunday, June 28, 2015

So, We Got A New Refrigerator......

.....  and by "we", I mean myself and this little lady, here:
 It is far from perfect, and it needed to be cleaned up a little,
 (I handled that):
I just happened to have some cute vintage floral Contact paper on hand that worked perfectly to line the shelves
 (they were dark and rusty and not at all attractive!)
 How cute is this as a little cupboard for spices?
 We are both especially fond of the graphics on the inside of the refrigerator door:
"She" would have preferred one that was a little bigger (my real refrigerator is taller than I am, after all).
But this one will do quite nicely.
(Oh - I stuck that floral oilcloth in there first, before I found the contact paper!)
Between you and me, the inside of the door was totally what sold me on it.
The sink and stove you see below came with it, too,
 but it was really just the fridge I wanted;
 it's in the best shape of the three.
As you can see, there's a door missing under the sink.
 I think I might add a little skirt there, and they're in kind of rough condition, too.
But I still think they're kind of cute.


Tina Dawn said...

Yes, put a skirt on the sink and it will look great. Love the fridge! That door is so cute with all the sodas, etc. I like both the contact paper and the oil cloth. What lucky ladies you are. Love T

Diane said...

Those are super cute! Love the inside door graphics too. Also like your doll's apron!