Saturday, June 6, 2015

More Of Those Fabulous Peacock Chairs

I've done a post about these fabulous chairs before (click here), but I find more images all the time, so I felt they warranted another post!
Here's one in which a sweet little kitty cat has made himself or herself comfortable:
An advertisement, obviously - (I am  not encouraging smoking, just showing you the chair)  :
I like this one, below, in green - though you can't see all that much of it - and dig that gorgeous paisley lampshade and seat cushion!
An artist's rendering of a matching pair; I like it:
Here's a photo I saw on Instagram from the fabulous Retro Spectrum shop in Australia.
 (Yes, I asked permission before posting this.)
 Oh, how I wish I could transport myself there to shop in this gorgeous establishment!!
 (I only just now realized that I have every one of those books on the shelf).
And one more - just for fun.
I have been LOVING watching Columbo (one of my all-time favorite programs) on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel. Here is Peter Falk (miss him!) sitting in a fabulous pink chair.
 That happens to be Valerie Harper's backside, by the way!
I was already planning this post, and I simply had to try and snap a picture off of the television screen.
It's not a very good one, but you get the idea.
No matter what color, these iconic chairs are fabulous.
And Mr. Falk, if you were still here with us, you'd be welcome in my living room any time.


Tina Dawn said...

I wish I still had my peacock chair, but it was only a cheap one from Macy's, purchased in 1977, and it only lasted about 10 years. But it had a chaise that went with it. Love all of the ones you showed, and Columbo too! Love T

Anonymous said...

Peacock chairs they're quite a statement aren't they?

Diane said...

I think we'd be quite at home at that AU shop! Neat post.