Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What's Penny Wearing? #120 Vintage And Thrifted Things To Wear

First of all today, we have Penny modeling a nice green top I found at a thrift store.
 It has embroidered, colorful polka dots all over it:
It's made out of a heavy-duty cotton.
The skirt , below, is vintage (and also "thrifted"), made by "Alice Of California" according to the label:
A wrap-around skirt in bright, fluorescent colors, made of rayon.
It would be perfect to throw on over a swimsuit.
I think it may have had a button - but I was able to make it work on Penny without one:
(Those colors are VERY bright!)
The blouse in the next pictures is one I have had since the 1970's.
I don't think I ever wore it - it looks brand new!
Gingham with flowers, and colorful embroidery; it even has eyelet trim!
And I have no idea why I never wore it, because it's exactly the type of thing I loved to wear back then:

I've also had this little jacket since the 70's:
Now this one, I DID wear, but it still looks nice.
I love the floral print down the front that also lines the hood:
And then, here are two more thrift finds - first up a gorgeous fringed shawl in the most beautiful colors!
And then, last of all, we have this purple rayon beauty with lovely open work flowers along the neckline....
 ... which just happens to look very pretty with one of my vintage Vera Neumann scarves!
 And that's all for today, folks, because Penny is tired of modeling and needs a little break.

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Tina Dawn said...

Nice bright pretty things to wear. I have to say that Penny looked pretty hot (meaning excessively warm) in that fringed shawl, though. I hope she had some iced tea afterwards. Love T