Thursday, June 4, 2015

Patterns From The Past: Raggedy Ann and Andy, and also Little Lulu!

Sometimes thrift stores have SO many patterns that I cannot even bear to look through them all.
Plus I'm usually trying to hurry through , and I just can't take the time.
It's unusual for me to find older patterns, such as the three I'm sharing with you today.
I got lucky, and these three were sitting right on the top of a box - as though someone had left them there for me to find!
Raggedy Ann and Andy, from the John ("Johnny") B. Gruelle books, a "McCall" (no "s" at the end back then) pattern from 1940.
SO cute!

Raggedy Ann and Andy, walking hand in hand:
And here's another,, McCall's pattern number 820 from 1958, and the pair is still just as cute as ever:
They're an adorable couple:
And the third one I found is Little Lulu, here:
McCall pattern number 1447, dated 1948:
(From the comic strip artwork of Marjorie Henderson Buell.)
I was tickled to find them all!


Tina Dawn said...

They are great! Love them! Nice to see Little Lulu. Love T

Diane said...

Those are really neat to see. An aunt of mine made me a Raggedy Ann and my sister an Andy in about 1970. Your second pattern looks a lot like them! BTW, my local thrift never carries patterns!! What's up with that???

Sew Inspired said...

Incredible finds. I love Little Lulu. I had her curls growing up. :)

Candice said...

My sister and I had a class in high school called "Children's Literature". We worked on a Raggedy Ann and Andy project where we dressed as Ann and Andy and our friend was Marcella (the dolls' little girl owner). Alice and I also made Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls from a pattern like yours. We sold the dolls at our mom's estate sale but I do have photos on my computer at home!

Anonymous said...

Wow such wonderful patterns. Will you use them? The Lulu is gorgeous.