Wednesday, June 17, 2015

All Is Vanity

Sorry, I am at a loss this morning. My post last week was so long and I had a lot of trouble with it (lost all my writing after working for hours and had to do it all again) so I am just drawing a blank this morning. 
However, I have always wanted to put one of my favorite posters on here, so here it is below, "All is vanity". I have no pictures of myself at a vanity, but Heidi has put a couple on here of herself, and one of our mom, so I am going to add those in. And that's it for today.

I took a few adorable photos of my granddaughter at a vanity when she was about one year old, but they are not on the computer, so I will have to add them later if I can.

Our Mom was so cute when she was a teenager.

And so was Heidi! 

A little bit of daughterly and sisterly indulgence for a lazy morning.

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Heidi Ann said...

Oh, it was fun to see those pictures again! And I love that print you featured at the top, also!