Sunday, July 8, 2012

Christmas In July

A little bit of Christmas in July, thanks to a few things I have found recently. A copy of this Peanuts Christmas book, in excellent condition:
A nice vintage linen Christmas apron - I believe I have tea towels that match this one:
Cute little ornaments:
And a little china bell:

I also got two boxes of the little bell ornaments I like so much - these were from "Dime Store Chic" on Etsy, probably my favorite shop:

Thanks again, Beth!


Tina Dawn said...

Very nice. Jingle all the way to the campground! Love T

elizabeth holcombe said...

Thanks so much for the shout out, my friend! Wonderful finds!~~~XXOO, Beth

Jill said...

I have a little dish that's the same pattern as the little girl in red!

Anonymous said...

Hi GC Girls. I haven’t made it over to your blog for a few days. Darned if I didn’t begin missing y’all. You’re a good chocolate. Yummy!

Yep, I’ve known Andy Griffith most of my life too. I remember his funny recording about a football game where happenstance ushered him in to watch & ponder the fight over the little punkin. I remember the dramatic roles he played in the late 1950s. (You ought to rent them if you can find them. He was one heck of a dramatic actor.) And then Dad to little Opie, loving nephew to Aunt Bee, good sheriff to Mayberry’s colorful population. Just loved it. Loved him. My only disappointment was when Elinor Donahue left. I had a crush on Elinor beginning when she was Betty on “Father Knows best.” And, yes, “Matlock.” What a talented man. What a good man.

And Christmas in July. I love Christmas—actually Halloween through New Year. Autumn’s my favorite time of year, maybe because of those fun & wonderful holidays. Thanksgiving would be in there too. Love all of ‘em, by golly! And, funny, about a week ago I wrote a sister and told her I was in the Christmas spirit. I was. I guess Heidi was too. Fun!

Good thrift shopping, gals. All kinds of treasures. I still can’t figure where you keep it all.

I checked in on Junkyard Heather. 39 weeks and, my, she could use a wheelbarrow. Personally, I’m in pain just looking at the swell of her unborn. Know something? Men, no way, could do no carryin’ nor birthin’. No way! God bless women, the much stronger gender.

Love You, Gold Country Girls. Thank You Much, Jim J;0)

Anonymous said...


Way off subject and I don’t know if this will be read or not. If not, I’ll send an email to Tina. Do you GC Girls remember a post on some young woman’s blog about living in a yellow house that burned. Tina commented that she passed the yellow house each day on her way to work. I ran across that yellow house blog while absent mindedly surfing. Now I can’t find it. Will you help me please?

Question #2: Tina, I know you worked across from the white, turreted house. Did you work in the courthouse, the old city hall? (Emigrant Jane’s place)?.....

Question #3: Do you remember when The Town Hall was a Purity grocery store?

Question # 4: Just where was the train depot? I’ve traced the tracks from the caboose behind the Shell station up to Forni Rd. but old photos just don’t seem to orient to where the depot might have been. Hwy 50 changes, I bet. Was it where Colonel Sanders is now? The bank? Shell?

Comment (inappropriate to blog context. sorry, I know it’s not a forum): Remember the old, old photos of homes that Tina posted. They were on a hill with the Ivy House, “Cosmic CafĂ©” building, & Cedar Ravine off the the left. I’ve been up looking for something similar during my frequent walks. Haven’t found those particular homes but many places where they could have been.

Well, I was looking at old pics behind the window of Confidence Hall, now for sale. In one photo (1906), there were similar old houses (complete with similar fences) in the background, on the hill behind what was the fire house & Emigrant Jane’s building. (I like Emigrant Jane. Super woman, like Melissa Coray.) I didn’t have my camera to take pics of pics. I’ll see what I can do once we cool off some. Hot, hot! Danged hot!

Forgive the off-subject stuff (brain flatulence). I’m gonna post anyway, then write Tina soon.

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Jim - I can't answer everything, but I can tell you that the answer to your first question is the blog "Moonshine Junkyard". You can find her on our blog list on the right hand side, scroll down until you see it.
Hey - stay cool, buddy - at least it's a wee bit cooler up in Camino, right?

Anonymous said...

Thanks much, Heidi. Yep, about 10 degrees cooler up here. Wow, Sonora though! And I think you work in Columbia. Watch that you don't melt away, good gal. You GC Girls be mighty precious. "Aye-Yup!" Uncle Jed would agree. J;O)

Anonymous said...
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craftyles said...

Cute Christmas finds. I do love the Peanuts Christmas Book.