Saturday, July 7, 2012

Some More Finds

I promised a while back that I would share some more of my thrift shop finds. So, here goes:
I picked up the cutest framed needlepoint stitchery picture. I really like the bright colors on this one.
Barn. Wife. Farmer. Cute:

I also really like this little handmade step-back shelf with a sweet vintage decal on the front, and I found two of these pretty restaurant china plates:
A set of three of these gorgeous lustreware plates with bright colors:

I also found an Avon recipe tin, and a community cookbook from San Antonio, circa 1962:

Another of those great candle holders I love so much, a candle to rest upon it, and a vintage box of coasters in my favorite blue and green. Funny thing about those coasters? I already had two just like them, that I have owned since the 60's or 70's! Obviously, I couldn't pass those by:

Another nice purse that looks brand new. I love mixing and matching my handbags or purses to what I'm wearing that day, so when I see one this nice for $1.00, I'm on it:

A pristine vintage linen tea towel - it has gorgeous colors, too - reminds me of a nice crisp autumn day:

(Unlike these HOT summer days!)


Tina Dawn said...

Just love your shelf! And the rest of the stuff is nice too. Love T

Anonymous said...

Just love the autumn day tea towel.
And so much more that is vintage, or younger but pretty or fun. I've been indoors, staying cool, browsing your treasures. You have some genius when it comes to spying snazzy items in thrift stores, Heidi. Thanks, Jim J;0)