Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Want Clothes Like They're Wearing

Okay, so I want the little blonde seamstress, above, to come over and we can go to JoAnn's together and pick out fabrics, and then I want her to make me some dresses like all of the adorable ones on these cards Lori found at a thrift store last week.
Any one of them would be fabulous for me to wear to work - and they're all cuter than what I've got.
I think my favorites are the yellow calico and the blue one. I love the leg-o-mutton sleeves.

And I seriously NEED some of those shoes they're wearing, too!


Tina Dawn said...

What adorable cards. I'll take the green dress with the pinafore. Love T

Anonymous said...

Yes, adorable. Fashions remind me of my teenage years, late 1800s. J;O)

I'm kidding. Lori can put away her calculator. J:oD

However, I do plan to wear my daddy's confederate army uniform for Halloween this year.

The cards are fun. Thanks, Heidi