Thursday, July 5, 2012

We'll Miss You, Andy

I truly will miss Andy Griffith. So much. If I had to choose one word to describe him, I think I would pick "beloved". I mean- didn't you love him, too? The Andy Griffith Show was simply television perfection. It will never get old.
I picked up this original Broadway cast recording album of "Destry Rides Again" last year at a thrift store. I like the picture of him on the cover, so it seemed a fitting one for this post.
I was a true fan; I also watched Matlock - every single episode.
I hope he knew how much he was loved, and I like to think that he probably did.
Goodbye, Andy.


Tina Dawn said...

I still remember with a smile the day that my son's cockatiel learned to whistle Andy's theme song. Just a couple of days ago I read that Linda Purl is going to appear and sing in a show at the new theaters in Folsom, so had been remembering Matlock. Loved that show. I think it is fitting that he left us in the summer so we can all walk barefoot down to our old fishing hole as a tribute. Love T

Heidi Ann said...

Hi T! Great minds DO think alike, I suppose - because when I was thinking of him, I also thought about Linda Purl. I've always liked her. It would be fun to go and hear her sing.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I will never get tired of watching reruns of Andy! I've always wished life was like it was in Mayberry. He will be remembered by so many and loved. Twyla

Mr. Modtomic said...

Folks like Andy Griffith are too few and far between. I can't speak to his character as a person but everything I've ever seen him in he was portraying a good and humble man. I'm not sure exactly what quality it is that I so admire about the man but he shared it with some of my other favorites: Bill Cosby and Alan Alda.

yosemite faith said...

my dad didn't watch much tv - he did monitor what we watched - including commercials (we weren't allowed to watch cigarette comercials or alcohol commercials if my parents were around). but he could and did whistle the theme to his show. i still remember it kind of being a spin off of the danny thomas show - danny driving through mayberry etc etc.