Thursday, July 26, 2012


I finally was able to go see the new house my dear niece Amber moved into recently with her family. Left to right in the photo below, are Addison, Bobby, Amber, Robby, and Lori:
It made me very happy to see my sweet niece and my grand-nephews and grand- niece. It had simply been WAY too long.
That's Addison and yours truly, below:

Today is Amber's birthday - Happy Birthday, sweetie!
Love you guys!!


Tina Dawn said...

Can't wait to see myself. Happy birthday to Amber. Love T

lorlore said...

Their house is really beautiful and I am so proud of them!!! And I love my Grands!!!!! Happy Birthday Amber!!!!

Amber Dawn said...

Thank you so much Aunt Heidi!! LOVE YOU!! Miss you! Love the pictures!

farmlady said...

Sweet looking family.
Nice to see a picture of you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a very sweet looking family. Comfy looking new home too. Congrats to Lori. Pride feels good, to those we are proud of too. (I'm overflowing with wisdom, you see.)

You're looking super snazzy, heidi. It's great that your teeth have grown in since the splash page picture.

Thanks much for sharing. I like families lots. Jim