Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ginocchio Store in Butte City, Amador County Postcards

Good morning. Tina here. I am sharing a part of my collection of vintage postcards this morning. These cards show the Ginocchio Store, also known as Butte Store, which stands close to Highway 49 about 3 miles out of Jackson as you head south.  I have been wanting to make the trip to Sonora to visit Heidi, and if I ever get the chance to drive over there, I will go right past this lovely old building.
The postcard above is a "Frasher's Foto Card. Scenic Photos of the West" Published in Pomona, California.
You can see here how close the store is to the road. That was good in the "olden days" but not so good anymore. 
This postcard above reads "All that remains of Butte City Calf. A flourishing city in the 50's. (That's 1850s, by the way...) Sorry for the dimness of the picture, old real photo postcards are not always the best images. No photoshop back in those days.
"Old Butte Store. One of the historical landmarks of the Mother Lode Country, located on Highway 49 between Jackson and Mokelumne Hill." This postcard, above, also has a handwritten note: "Tues. Sept. 27, 1966. Passed this on way to Jackson from Mokelumne Hill."
"Butte Store. Three miles South of Jackson, California on Highway 49, stands the only remaining building of a once thriving gold town of 10,000."

I plan to share more of my postcard collections in the future. I find them a fascinating way to journey through history, and I am always on the lookout for more.


Heidi Ann said...

I can't WAIT to see more posts like this! You know I love your postcard collection, and seeing all of the different ones is fascinating to me, as well. Great post. I just passed by there very late (riding with a friend) last night, but it was too dark and I was too tired to notice it - and I had no idea it would be the subject of your post today!

farmlady said...

And... you practically tripped over my mailbox. I live so close to this landmark that I could have driven over to see you and taken a picture of you in front of it.
Great old photos. Today it's surrounded by chain link fencing (for safety) but it's still an amazing old building.
Thanks for the Amador Co. history lesson.

Anonymous said...

My sis raised her family near Jackson. I know that old building well. It's been a few years. I have to get back over that way. Just love it.

Thanks Tina.